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    * Cost-effective, reliable workhorse
    * Wide variety of products and bottle sizes
    * Omron touch screen stores job recipes
    * Automatic 6-head filler with conveyor

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    * Speeds up to 300 bottles per minute
    * Single gearbox for main belt system
    * Powered by 3/4 HP motor
    * Models start at 


    * Electrically-driven ball screw movement
    * Speeds adjustable at any point in the fill stroke
    * Fill-volume settings at the push of a button
    * Automatic 4-head filler with conveyor 

We are a packaging machinery manufacturer specializing in numerous pieces of equipment:

  • FILLERS: automatic pressure overflow fillers, piston fillers and pump fillers. 
  • CAPPERS: automatic inline spindle cappers, chuck cappers, ROPP cappers and snap cappers.
  • LABELERS: pressure-sensitive labelers for one-sided, two-sided and/or wraparound applications.
  • BOTTLE UNSCRAMBLERS: including high-speed applications.
  • CONVEYORS: variable-speed powered conveyors of various lengths and widths, including custom applications.
  • ROTARY TABLES: unscrambling and accumulating tables.
  • FOIL INDUCTION SEALERS: various power-levels and configurations.   
ACASI Machinery was founded with the main purpose of delivering excellent quality liquid packaging machinery at reasonable prices, something the industry had been missing for years.  We offer quality designed systems through our extensive experience in the remanufacturing of bottling and packaging equipment.  All machinery parts are manufactured in our state of the art machine shop with CNC milling, turning, shearing and bending equipment, as well as first class welding and polishing.

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