• beverage filling machine



  • FILLERS: automatic pressure overflow fillers, piston fillers and pump fillers. 
  • CAPPERS: automatic inline spindle cappers, chuck cappers, ROPP cappers and snap cappers.
  • LABELERS: pressure-sensitive labelers for one-sided, two-sided and/or wraparound applications.
  • BOTTLE UNSCRAMBLERS: including high-speed applications.
  • CONVEYORS: variable-speed powered conveyors of various lengths and widths, including custom applications.
  • ROTARY TABLES: unscrambling and accumulating tables.
  • FOIL INDUCTION SEALERS: various power-levels and configurations.   


    ACASI Machinery was founded with the main purpose of delivering excellent quality liquid packaging machinery at reasonable prices, something the industry had been missing for years.  We offer quality designed systems through our extensive experience in the remanufacturing of bottling and packaging equipment.  All machinery parts are manufactured in our state of the art machine shop with CNC milling, turning, shearing and bending equipment, as well as first class welding and polishing.


    Will an overflow liquid filler work for your product

    December 19, 2013

    When should you buy an overflow filler: Over flow filling has been used has been used to fill low viscosity liquids for many decades, if it’s used for the right product and a correct set up it will give you a very accurate fill The overflow filler will give you the fill level by the depth off the return tube inside the container, once the product reaches these tube It will go through the tube instead of continuing to fill your container. If you reach the overflow tube in four seconds and leave it filling for more time the fill level in theory will be the same, keeping this in mind when you set-up an overflow machine will help you...

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    Will an in-line bottle capper work well with large diameter caps?

    December 10, 2013

    Will an in-line bottle capper work well with large diameter caps? The main issue or most common problem that you will have with working with large diameter caps is cross threading, It is very common and in some cases it simply can’t be done on in line cappers. To be able to address this question we have to take into consideration that every bottle and every cap behave differently, and there are bottles and caps that have been designed so an inline bottle capper will work well with them. On the other hand there are bottles and caps poorly manufactured or poorly designed that will have difficulties in any type of bottle capper. Having said that if your bottle has a...

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    About ACASI

    November 19, 2013

    ACASI Machinery began it’s business as a used equipment dealer and equipment remanufacturing, troubleshooting, parts, etc.. selling exclusively in Venezuela. After 8 years in the used equipment business, realizing that good service, part replacement for such a wide variety of used machines in the market would be impossible to achieve, the company started manufacturing it’s own equipment in a basic machine tool shop. Since then we have invested heavily on our machine shop and now own one the best machine shops in the world for this type industry. Our capabilities include: 4 CNC Vertical machining centers (Different size tables) 4 CNC Lathes 2 CNC mills Shearing Pressbrake Welding etc…. The company based it’s first machines on equipment that already had...

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